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Olivier Olgan

In linear and formatted pianist's careers, that of the French pianist Pascal Amoyel stands out by the eclecticism of its talent and the maturity of its risk-takings. This introvert is not afraid of exposing its convictions (…)It is fascinating to listen to how Amoyel lives in the time and, at the same moment, dilates it, to track down the slowness into which he steals, how he mixes ideally the eloquence, the freedom and the sensuality ".

Bryce Morrison

“The exultation and despair find a deeply empathetic heart in Amoyel. In “Funérailles” Amoyel bypasses conventional wisdom, going his own way with the greatest imaginative resource, and few performances of this tragic masterpiece have achieved a greater impact. This is an invaluable album.”

Joe Laredo

“A beautifully played and recorded version of the complete nocturnes. Amoyel is inspired by some of the greatest nocturnes: Op.27 n°1 is finely spun; Op.27 n°2 is exquisitely poised; and Op.48 n°1 is appropriately passionate. If you like your nocturnes sweetly dreamy and nightmare-free, these sumptuous recordings might satisfy.”

Mathias Heizmann

“Mit seiner eindrucksvollen neuen CD mit Werken von Franz Liszt legt Pascal Amoyel eine der schönsten Interpretationen der "Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses" vor. Pascal Amoyel zählt zu den wenigen Pianisten, die sich der Bedeutung der Diktion für die hier versammelten Werke bewusst sind, denn ihr Charakter ist durch und durch deklamatorischer Natur. Beim Hören dieser CD zwingt sich diese Erkenntnis geradezu auf, allgemein verbreitet scheint sie jedoch keineswegs zu sein: Selten habe ich diese Stücke mit solcher Klarheit und auch mit solcher Dichte spielen gehört. Das ist einzig und allein das Verdienst des Interpreten.”

Charles Timbrell

“Pascal Amoyel, a French pianist, plays with colour, refinement and dynamic variety, and also has all the requisite technique for the most challenging moments in ‘Invocation’ and ‘Funérailles’.”

Kai Luehrs Kaiser

“Der studierte Nickelbrillen-Träger, der hiermit eines der interessantesten Liszt-Alben der letzten Jahre vorlegte, kam durch den Klavier-Hexenmeister György Cziffra zu seinem heutigen Lieblings-Komponisten Liszt - und zur Klavier-Begeisterung überhaupt.”

Pierre Petit

"He has just offered to us one dazzling demonstration of his talent. I was subjugated by the way in which Pascal Amoyel, with sensibility, a brilliance and a technique imparable, knew to translate Chopin as well as Liszt. He there has shown the proof of a control not very common, which it hoist him among the best pianist of moment."

Jed Distler

“It’s good to have Pascal Amoyel’s 2004 Chopin Nocturnes set available again. Amoyel favours an intimate style that makes its points through nuance and voicing.”


"Pascal Amoyel is a marvellous draughtsman, more exactly, a painter who has an extremely rich and varied pallet. Under its fingers sound constructions acquire an almost visible reality... While combing sound tables, the interpreter exhibe not his technical control, its perfect virtuosity "it highlights its" splendid control of musical time..."

Jean Gallois

We like this mysterious speech with the inhabited silence, this grand fury without too much panache. There is there, indubitably, the makings of a very great pianist.

Philippe Van Den Bosch

"Deeply moving songs, stunning intermezzo (...) Here is a real artist (...) the demonstration that his talent allows him to compete with the Great Artists."

Michel Le Naour

"Breathing, vocality, epic grandeur, an ever present sense of poetry (...) Pascal Amoyel is a pianist who ponders deeply about his art, never slipping into facility."

Jan Geert Wolff

“Amoyel ist mit wohl dosiertem Anschlag stets ein brillanter Liedpianist.”


"He makes the difference with a maturity and musical density rarely met in such a young person, with a wonderfully modest emotion"
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